I help people with anxiety.  Often they feel overwhelmed, anxious or burnt out and what we discover is that they are often trying to please others which means they put themselves last on their own list.  I can help make changes that will allow you to take back some control, feel much less anxious and manage life more effectively.

Reflections Therapy


face to face, zoom and telephone counselling



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I support people with anger issues.  Flying off the handle for the least little thing, hurting those close to them with their anger or being disciplined at work due to angry outbursts. Unable to prevent their anger before it goes too far.

I support people with relationship issues, conflict between couples which leads to a never ending cycle of arguments and silences leaving them with a feeling of stuckness and an inability to make changes.



Sometimes you just need to figure something out or find our way out of a situation that you feel stuck in.  Friends and family have their own opinions but sometimes these opinions don't help.  An objective, non judgemental counsellor will help you find your own way out.

Anxiety can take over your life, limiting it to the extent that your world becomes small and you no longer take part in life.

There are lots of tools that you can use to manage your anxiety.

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Telephone: 07818553120


Often, all that is needed is to find a better way to communicate which doesn't lead to conflict and defensiveness.


Over the past 10 years I have provided Psychological First Aid in the wake of critical incidents.  I support staff within a business setting who may have witnessed a traumatic event or perhaps with the loss of a colleague.  I also support bank staff who may have been involved in a bank raid. 


Please telephone 07818553120 to discuss further.